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Professional ghostwriter and creative writer

About Tina I have been a freelance creative writer for several years. I have written short stories, E-books, novels, children's stories. After working on various projects with people worldwide, I became even more passionate about my job. My skills have improved, and I can easily understand clients' needs, cooperate, and suggest unique ideas. Any genre is acceptable, fiction or non-fiction, from drama and romance to thriller and horror, etc. I can create magnetic stories, a world where anyone would be immersed as soon as reading the first sentence. As well as bringing your ideas to life, I can write outlines and plotlines; draft, polish and edit texts. If you have a story but don't know how to tell, I'll find the right words for you; if you only know a genre of a story you'd like to be written, it's not a problem either - I can come up with everything and deliver a complete product. As well as adult or coming of age novels and novellas, I also write scripts and